Creative Madhouse Goes Two-for-Two in Lofty LOGOS Series

Creative Madhouse proudly announces that 12 of its logo designs have been selected for inclusion in David E. Carter’s “The Big Book of Logos 5,” to be released January 16, 2008, by HarperCollins Publishers. The inventive minds of the Madhouse are pleased as punch about this honor, which follows the premiere of 14 Creative Madhouse designs in Carter’s previous compilation of world-class logos, “The Big Book of Logos 4,” published in 2004.

A globally-recognized master of all aspects of design and corporate identity, David E. Carter has published more than 100 bestselling books on creative design and corporate branding since 1972. His renowned eye for excellence ensures that every Carter volume contains only the best;  the collections have long provided inspiration for designers all over the world.

The Creative Madhouse designs featured in “The Big Book of Logos 5” showcase the depth of the Madhouse’s wellspring of originality, the breadth of its perceptivity, and the soaring height of its creativity. From simple elegance to playful energy to engaging professionalism—each of Creative Madhouse’s designs speaks volumes for the client it represents, capturing and artfully conveying a complex identity in the space of a few inches. The featured logos exemplifying this Creative Madhouse magic were designed for:

  • Charon's Coin
  • Housewarmings
  • IntelliSpect
  • Java Jungle
  • Jazz Coffee
  • McKinley's
  • New Providence Memorial Library
  • Organic Confections
  • Out Of Nowhere
  • Peope Mover
  • Plant Lovers Garden Gallery
  • Tout de Suite Coffeehouse

Out of Nowhere’s Mary Beth Hirsch says of Creative Madhouse, “When originally reviewing their logo portfolio, we saw their ability to create extremely professional and engaging designs, in a wide variety of styles. I knew that only they could capture the essence of our business in a logo. Now, Creative Madhouse is the only place we go for our graphic design needs. Creative Madhouse is the best in the business!”  The inclusion of Creative Madhouse’s work in a second Carter collection of logos—including the logo it designed for Out of Nowhere—adds a booming echo to Hirsch’s praise.

Creative Madhouse is flying high, proud of this honor—and continuing to put its passionate creativity to work on further flights of audacious artistry and distinguished design.

Take a look at the selected logos.