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Creative Madhouse Designs Go Global in LOGO 2004

Creative Madhouse is thrilled to announce that 14 of its logo designs have been selected for inclusion in the latest publication by logo mogul David E. Carter. The ceaselessly creative minds of the Madhouse are tickled pink about this latest honor, which comes on the heels of the selection of nine Creative Madhouse designs for LogoLounge Volume II.

David E. Carter has published over 100 books on design since 1972 and is a widely-acknowledged master in the field. He started the LOGO competition in 2000, selecting 2,500 logos from a field of 11,000 entries; the published collection was retitled The Big Book of Logos and sold more than 20,000 copies worldwide. Now in its fourth year, the LOGO competition gives international exposure to the design firms whose logos are selected for publication in the latest Big Book. The collections have become indispensable references and sources of inspiration for designers around the world.

The Creative Madhouse designs to be featured in the LOGO 2004 collection include logos all across the stylistic spectrum, from sleek to whimsical, for clients ranging from local hotspots to global hotshots:

  • Bank Black Well
  • Café Creole
  • Caffe Cottage
  • E. S. Systems
  • FoodSummit
  • Inkosis
  • Kiss My Pride
  • Peelle Technology
  • TwoTopia
  • Vanilla Moon Café
  • Yoga Center of Sonoma County
  • W3 Master
  • Wonderful World of Flying

Take a look at the selected logos.


Loco for Logos: Creative Madhouse to Appear in
LogoLounge Volume II

At Creative Madhouse we are incredibly excited about our inclusion in the soon-to-be released LogoLounge Volume II. Nine of our unique designs have been selected for publicaation in the next edition of the LogoLounge series featuring the most innovative and inspired logos in the industry, as judged by a panel of eight elite designers from around the world.

We are delighted that the products of our “creative visual thinking” process are being recognized in the upcoming book. The chosen logos include designs for E.S. Systems, a data management company, Resume Courier, Atlantis Cruises, and TwoTopia. Several restaurant logos were also selected including the Vanilla Moon Café, Avenue Bistro, Around the World in Eighty Dishes and the Picasso Café.

All of the designs are representative of Creative Madhouse’s signature style: sleek line drawings and bold colour graphics that seamlessly fuse the visual and the verbal.

The new book will be released by Rockport Publications in early 2005.

Take a look at the selected logos.


Creative Madhouse receives "American Graphic Design Award"
Creative Madhouse has been honored in the American Graphic Design Award competition. The winning entry, Creative Madhouse's stationery package, will be featured in the publication "Graphic Design: USA 24" to be released later this year.

The stationery package selected represents the essence of Creative Madhouse — bright, bold, memorable design.

In it's 24th year, the American Graphic Design Award competition is among the most prestigious. The competition is sponsored by Graphic Design: USA.


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