CLIENT: McKinley's Fine Bakery and Cafe

PROJECT: Identity Makeover

McKinley’s Fine Bakery & Café, a family-owned business in Fort Worth, Texas, strives to provide the best homemade delicious baked goods, casual dining experience and outstanding catering for its customers.

Challenge: Classic Recipe. . .New Flavor

Previously operating the bakery under a franchise agreement, the owners wanted to take the plunge into private ownership. This endeavor involved an across-the-board marketing facelift, including not only a new name, but a totally new identity.

The primary marketing goal was to maintain their previous business success by creating an eye-catching and memorable identity package and promotional materials. The new branding needed to assure loyal customers that the change in ownership would not change the quality and great service they were accustomed to, while also providing a feeling of long-established success to appeal to future customers. McKinley's wanted to welcome all who might be familiar with the previous business identity, with the enticing aromatic blend of experience, reliability, and new excitement.

Solution: Madness in the Kitchen!

Creative Madhouse quickly embraced the challenge, inspired by the family-based name, interior renovation and color palette the client selected. Working closely with the client, Creative Madhouse developed an image that completely re-branded the bakery. This collaboration inspired a hand-lettered logo that provided a bit of whimsy while maintaining a touch of sophistication.

With a great logo anchoring the new business identity, Creative Madhouse cooked up a triple batch of integrated collateral pieces including signage, menus, gift certificates, stationery, drinkware, napkins, and advertisements.

Result: Sweet Success

McKinley's Fine Bakery & Café's new, visually appealing identity elicits positive responses from customers and helps the bakery maintain its upper-crust standing in the competitive marketplace of Fort Worth eateries.