CLIENT: Quest Machine
PROJECT: Heroes Incorporated Board Game

At Creative Madhouse, our playful spirit is evident in our work: Colorful, vibrant, eye-grabbing—yet polished and poised to promote our clients’ businesses in the real world.

Now Creative Madhouse has brought its professional gold standard to the imaginary world, too, with its superior work on Quest Machine’s new strategic board game, Heroes Incorporated. The minds of Creative Madhouse immersed themselves in the crime-ridden city of Megalopolis, designing its movable city blocks from the ground up. And with the game’s dozen super-powered heroes to work with, Creative Madhouse performed some superfeats of its own. Sam Clifford, owner of Quest Machine, Inc., says:

“Creative Madhouse took complete creative ownership of all the printed materials of Heroes Incorporated and the result was a product that far exceeded my expectations. With amazing artistic ability, great communication, and flexibility they produced graphic design materials on-time and on-budget. We had a dozen different components in the project; each received the same amount of creative focus, and were all tracked and delivered with unbelievable coordination. I couldn’t be more pleased with my choice to partner with Creative Madhouse.”

In addition to complete design of all the game’s components and packaging, Creative Madhouse also designed advertisements for trade publications and worked with their Dallas printer through the prepress and press check stages. The months of creative energy all paid off in March 2004, when Heroes Incorporated enjoyed a successful release at GAMA GameFest 2004 in Las Vegas. Prerelease press following the GAMA show included a discerning gamer’s five-star review—with equal praise for the game’s playability and design—at

Quest Machine, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, was founded in July 2003. Owner Sam Clifford, a veteran of the computer and video game industry, plans to bring the innovations of European family-strategy games to a larger American audience. He’s off to a great start with Heroes Incorporated, the game that proves “Fighting Crime DOES Pay!”

Creative Madhouse looks forward to working more with Quest Machine. Stay tuned for future developments, including a Web site redesign.