Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Creative Madhouse is the home of freelance graphic designer Madelyn Wattigney.  
Madelyn specializes in innovative logo and brand identity design — providing creative exploration for corporations, startups, and small business owners to expand their creative possibilities, facilitate their brand engagement, and help their business, product, or service grow and thrive.
Madelyn Wattigney is a branding designer and illustrator with extensive experience creating visual brand systems for businesses of all sizes and in various industries. She has received national recognition for branding, logo design and apparel graphics.
Born and raised in New Orleans, her southern heritage runs deep. During the beginning of her design career, she worked and collaborated with incredible folks like Emeril’s, Cat’s Meow, Abita Brewery, New Orleans Children’s Museum, and endless Mardi Gras krewes.
She moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area years ago and at first, it was a culture shock. Madelyn quickly embraced the traditions and pride the state embodies. Being a lover of delicious Margaritas made the transition easier since the variety is endless.
Madelyn created her dream job when she opened Creative Madhouse — the place where creative energy flows daily.
When not designing, which is never, Madelyn is a passionate cook, an audiobook listener, a tea sipper, a sushi lover, a true-crime podcast fan, and a promoter for breast cancer awareness.

Published in LogoLounge: Volumes 2, 5 & 13
Published in LogoLounge Master Books 1, 2 & 3
Published in David E. Carter’s Big Book of Logos 4 & 5
Published in Graphic Design: USA 24
Honored with a Silver Addy Award
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